Friday, August 26, 2011

"Welcome to the Beach" Nautical Mirror

On a recent trip this spring to Home Goods inspired me to craft up this
"Welcome to the Beach" Nautical Mirror
Here's how I did it.
We had an extra piece of bead-board paneling in the garage.
 I traced a circle.
 My circle came from an old decorator's table top (found this in the garage too!)
 Taped around my circle to prevent the wood from splitting when I cut it.
 Cut the circle out with MY jigsaw (yes-mine! got it for Christmas a couple years back)
Love the great photography work by my husband!
 Drilled a hole in the middle of my cut circle and then cut another circle.
 The first stage of my mirror-complete.
 My next steps I used the following supplies:

  • thick rope (found at Home Depot)
  • a mirror (Hobby Lobby)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • blue paint ( $.99 craft paint)
  • sand paper
  • stencil made from my Silhouette.
 Here's a rough draft of how I wanted my lettering to look.
 I created a stencil on vinyl and stuck them into place.
 Paint. Remove stencil. Lightly sand to give it the distressed look.
Add some thick jute rope around the edge.
Finished the back by hanging a picture hook.
Here's my completed "Welcome to the Beach" Nautical Mirror
The mirror hangs in the back hallway of the cottage.


  1. That looks amazing! You are so clever and your tutorial was fabulous. Thanks so very much for sharing this great project!

    Best wishes,

  2. nice and easy way to make mirror.


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