Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mac Movies

You might think that this has turned into some sort of carpentry blog with all the building that I've been doing lately. What happened to the sewing? How about the scrap-booking, stamping and other various crafts? Well, frankly, I don't know what happened either. I'm sure I'll get back to that stuff. But I got an iPhone 4 for my birthday and my first Mac so my friend convinced me that I need to start making movies. So I went over to her house for a personal tutorial and here's my movie!

Tyler's Desk

After a year or so of making skirts and dresses for my girls,
I finally figured out something I could craft-up for my boy.
A desk! (See plans here.)

Thus, following many hours of doing his
homework on the floor of his bedroom,

It was time he graduated and had his own desk. 
Hand-made by me, especially for him!

First, I read through a couple tutorials on staining; and I decided to try a Gel Stain by Minwax, color - Antique Walnut. I hated the results, mostly just a dissatisfaction with the resulting shade, plus I had spent a lot of time rubbing on the stain...by hand...with a cloth. That's tough to do all getting into the tiny little corners. The only good thing about Gel Stain is that its non-drip. I think this product might work better on a piece of furniture that has previously been stained and just needs a little pop.  I went back out and bought a stain-polyurethane in one, PolyShades by Minwax, color - Cherrywood. Much better, although there is dripping involved. And you cannot keep rubbing on the stain since there is polyurethane involved. After several coats, and sanding in between, I was very pleased with the outcome and insisted that Ben help me move it into Tyler's room that very night, so he would be surprised when he woke up. 

I left him this little note (along with a note I found from Katelyn):

The final product:

I decided to put a cork board back on the lower part of the desk hutch. I was so proud of myself for trimming it out. This required me to use lots & lots of measuring (over & over) and utilize the miter saw. For this project, I pulled out all the goodies we have in the garage: circular saw, jigsaw, drill, tape measure, wood glue, wood putty, square, level, nails, counter sink bit, nail sinker, screws and a pencil. Too bad my cuts weren't even (but you might never know if you don't look close, so don't look close!) Oh, and I think I need a table saw!

I love you Tyler! Enjoy your new desk!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pallet Shelves

So Ana at Knock-Off Wood makes carpentry look so easy. 
I decided to try my next project out of free wood. Pallet wood as a matter of fact.
Sometimes I get SO excited about trying new things, I can't wait to get started.
So here I am just back from the pool cutting up the pallets.
I made this shelf out of totally FREE wood! As a matter of fact, I might have pulled the pallet out of a dumpster in order to make this shelf. I love the unfinished Rustic Look. 

They also look really cute painted.
Which is what I did for my kids and hung them above their bunk-beds in the cottage.
Each of them have a different color.
Yes. I have three children. But only two beds were made. So that's all you get to see.

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