Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tyler's Desk

After a year or so of making skirts and dresses for my girls,
I finally figured out something I could craft-up for my boy.
A desk! (See plans here.)

Thus, following many hours of doing his
homework on the floor of his bedroom,

It was time he graduated and had his own desk. 
Hand-made by me, especially for him!

First, I read through a couple tutorials on staining; and I decided to try a Gel Stain by Minwax, color - Antique Walnut. I hated the results, mostly just a dissatisfaction with the resulting shade, plus I had spent a lot of time rubbing on the stain...by hand...with a cloth. That's tough to do all getting into the tiny little corners. The only good thing about Gel Stain is that its non-drip. I think this product might work better on a piece of furniture that has previously been stained and just needs a little pop.  I went back out and bought a stain-polyurethane in one, PolyShades by Minwax, color - Cherrywood. Much better, although there is dripping involved. And you cannot keep rubbing on the stain since there is polyurethane involved. After several coats, and sanding in between, I was very pleased with the outcome and insisted that Ben help me move it into Tyler's room that very night, so he would be surprised when he woke up. 

I left him this little note (along with a note I found from Katelyn):

The final product:

I decided to put a cork board back on the lower part of the desk hutch. I was so proud of myself for trimming it out. This required me to use lots & lots of measuring (over & over) and utilize the miter saw. For this project, I pulled out all the goodies we have in the garage: circular saw, jigsaw, drill, tape measure, wood glue, wood putty, square, level, nails, counter sink bit, nail sinker, screws and a pencil. Too bad my cuts weren't even (but you might never know if you don't look close, so don't look close!) Oh, and I think I need a table saw!

I love you Tyler! Enjoy your new desk!

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