Monday, May 2, 2011

A Girl's Emergency Clutch

I'm so excited about this project. 
I found the idea at one of my favorite crafty blogs, Eighteen25
You've heard me talk about them before, but this one takes the cake!
Aren't they SO cute!
 They start out as potholder and by adding some snack size zippies, a button and some ribbon...
You have a great little clutch for your wallet or just something to leave in the car.
 For the details on how to make your own go here.
I thought I give them as gifts for Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation!
A little tag fits nicely in the outside pocket of each clutch.


  1. So cute. I LOVE how you added the tag on the outside for them.

  2. Cute idea! What have you put in yours? How does everything fit?

    1. I have bobby pins, chapstick, band-aids, travel sun block, travel bug spray, hair elastics, tylenol... It gets a little bulky, so it's good to think of *flat* things.

  3. I would advise the young lady to put two pads spare knickers

  4. This would be cool to keep in your car stocked with things for homeless women. pads, tampons, travel size deodorant, lotion, sunblock, and band-aides.


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