Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Things

I facilitated a women's Bible study at my church this fall. Every Tuesday morning I would meet up with a wonderful group of ladies to study God's word under the leadership of author and speaker Beth Moore.

One of my love languages is gift giving and I loved creating little things 
for the women in my Bible Study. 

On our first day I passed out little note cards with mini "embellished" binder clips
 The notecards were to encourage scripture memorization.

The next week I brought a little square of chocolate 
(Russell Stover & Ghirardelli) made by folding a two-sided 6x6 square of paper.
Chocolate is a great way to start your day!

In order to keep your place in your book, I made bookmarks from ribbons & charms. Believe it or not, most of the supplies for these crafts I found in my basement. I know, you want to come to my basement and go shopping!
 These are really simple to make. Cut your ribbon double the length of your book. Thread the charm so it reaches the middle of your ribbon. Tie a knot and then tie another knot at the top. 

It was easy to put together a sweet treat of candy corn, peanuts and M&M's in a little candy baggie tied with a festive fall ribbon.
Just a little reminder of how Sweet He is to us!

In order to have your memory first posted to the front of your fridge,
I made magnetic memo clips from clothes pins. 
Tutorial here.

 For this next gift I tied twine around a candle and hot glued two acorns to paper hand made acorns along with the verse of the week. For instructions on the hand made acorns, go here.
The dollar store has become my new favorite place when buying "multiples"

I always wanted to try Truffles... so while watching the TODAY show Katie Brown was on demonstrating how easy it was to make truffles. So I did!  Go here for her recipe

 Finally, on our last day of class we had a Christmas brunch... 
so I crafted up my last gift of the year,  Christmas Shopping List's.
 In a variety of festive papers and ribbons.

 I love the idea of keeping this in my purse to jot down
ideas that I have for people, grocery lists and things to get at Hobby Lobby!
I have different little embellishments on each of the covers.
I'll have to get the cutting dimensions for you (basically just make a folder). But the main thing you'll need is to get small legal pads cut in half (they can do this for you at your office supply store
-I got mine at Office Depot).
I use a little bit of scrap paper for the top of the legal pad 
and then glue dots to keep the whole thing in place. 
Tie it all up with a ribbon, again using glue dots. 
How cute is that? 
They'd be great for keeping tallies during card games or little gifts for teachers anytime of the year.

I hope the ladies in my Bible study don't have high expectations...
there are some 20+ women in my class this year!

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  1. Wow, I am so excited that I found your blog. I have already found so many of your projects that I admire, and some, like these, that I could actually do myself, lol. These little gifts are all wonderful!!


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