Friday, September 18, 2015

DIY Area Rug

Here's a little story about thinking outside the box when it comes to DIY Home Decor.
I came home from my typical shopping at Target where I grabbed this rug that 
was on clearance for $2.98  (the picture below is what you'd find in the online Target store).
I had planned to put it by our back door. Until my husband said (out loud) 
"Why don't you buy more of those and sew them together."
Oh My Goodness, YES! I think I will.
I went on the hunt to gather more rugs, I figured I'd wanted 3 rows of 6 rugs. 
For a total of 18.
Luckily I live where there are several Targets within a 15-20 mile radius 
and I was able to collect all 18 and for the clearance price too!
Using the large needle and nylon "yarn" I sewed the right sides together, for a total of 6 in a row.
I used a simple stitch just to keep the rugs from separating. 
And then I pulled out the "TOUGH" Duct Tape by Scotch.
I used the tape over each seam. I figured this would help the rug not to slip when I had it all together.
Half way there!
 I sewed my three rows to each other and Duct tape on the back of each seam.
 I'm so pleased with this easy and inexpensive rug. Feels great on my feet too!
I never could have found a rug in similar size for the price of paid for this project!
Ginger approved!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Easy Twigy Picture Frame

How cute is little twiggy frame? 
I needed a little something for a party honoring two 11-year old girls and I thought this would be the perfect thing.
Here's how I did it; I gathered sticks from my yard, roughly the same thickness and thin enough for me to break with my hands. Hot glue gun, twine, sissors, and cardstock.
I cut my piece of cardstock 4 x 6. This will be the backer of my frame and also serve as the pattern for the twiggy border.
I laid out my stick around the cardstock and hot clues them together.
And then wrapped twine around each of the four crossings. 
Using the hot glue to attach the twine at the beginning and endings.
Katelyn and her friend Halle each made 5 frames for the party.
Because I was using copies of oicturess, I just out a small dab of hot glue to the back of the picture and secured it to the twiggy frame.
I used another small scrap stick to create a little stand so my frame can sit up on its own.
And the

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