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Simple Spring Wreath

If you've got 7 minutes and a couple bucks, you too can make this Simple Spring Wreath!
You'll just need a couple supplies from your local craft store.  I purchased mine at Michael's. 1 sprig of flowers (or something like this)Embroidery hoopFlorist wireJute TwineScissors
I started by separating the hoops and only using the middle (the one without the little screws). I also separated my one stem of flowers, into several stems to fill around half of the hoop. You can see here how I took apart my floral stem.  You can use a wire cutter or scissors to cut them apart. I ended up using these wire florist sticks because it's what I had (and worked great),  but regular florist wire is perfect too. I started by making a small cluster of my flowers and wrapping it around the wood hoop. I continued to do this overlapping the flowers to cover up the wire  until I had gone half way around the hoop. I found some small jute twine (in my collection of "stuff") and wrapped t…

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