Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Rustic Farm House Table

I was telling my good friend and neighbor
that I needed to find a dining table for the cottage.
So she says to me,
"Why don't you just build one?" 
Sure, right.
But as I walk away I start to think...

The wheels wouldn't stop turning. I started to scroll through plans for the Knock-off Wood's "Salvage Wood Farm House Table". I didn't like the legs so much. But was inspired by this table, and I decided to go on a search of some table legs, as a starting point.

My daughter and I headed to a flea market and found us a table for 20 bucks.

Then I went and got me some wood, cut by Rich, at Lowes,
for specific Rustic Table measurements. Thanks Rich!

Armed with a power drill, long screws, my new countersink bit and some sandpaper, I went to work.

A close-up. Couresty of my son.

Some cross-slats would support the boards that create the table top.

My friends stopped by (with their kids) and joined in the fun
of distressing the wood using forks, screws, washers and girl power.

While we worked, our children (9 of them) played in the back on the playset-turned-waterslide, and on with a slip-n-slip, snacks, drinks, water balloons, games, music and self-appoined lifegaurds
(not captured very well in this picture, but I was eager to get back to the distressing).

After attaching the legs, with the help of my husband, and making dinner (not a "real" dinner mind you; pizza for the second time that week). My friends were back to help out with the staining.

And now: presenting my hand-made Rustic Farm House Table!

I can't wait to get this in the cottage! I'll blog about the bench some other time.

Head over here to see the table in my cottage! We love it and it get a lot of use!

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