Thursday, December 16, 2010

Playing with Letters

There are a few simple words that can sum up the wonder of Christmas...   
To make this I grabbed a couple wooden letters from 
Hobby Lobby and painted them red. 
Then outlined each letter with the glue.
And then sprinkled the glue with my red Martha Stewart Giltter...
I waited for it to dry and then arranged the letters close together. 
To ensure a seamless look, 
I painted one side of my popsicle sticks (that I cut in half) 
and then glued the popsicle stick to the back side of my letters.
My final product displayed next to my nativity scene on top of my entertainment center.

I also played with a large thinner wooden letters for this look.
 Again, I found them at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 (and they were probably 40% off the day I bought them-cause that's the way I roll!)
 I used some left over gold paint for a four letters.
And put the letters together the same 
way I did for "JOY" with popsicle sticks.
 My final product. Maybe I should I add a little glitter?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anything they can make, I can make for less.

My mom has been known to go into a store, see something she likes and then go home and re-create it. Sometimes she has a picture. Sometimes a video. And sometimes she has just examined the details and has it all stored up in her head. I think I'm becoming like my mom...

In the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens I saw these adorable decorative balls made by wrapping yarn around a styrofoam ball. I decided I needed to try making my own.
Especially after I found the ornament at JoAnn's for $7.99!
I knew I could make it for less than that!
I started with a couple different sizes of 
smoothfoam balls from Hobby Lobby. 
I used two different type of thickness of white yarn. One with a thin silver tread woven through it. 
The layers don't need to be very thick, just cover most of the ball. 
I decided not to use them as ornaments or on a wreath but as a decorative accessory on my mantle. I'm loving the look!
Here's a close up of the two different types of yarn I used.
I hope this inspires you to get creative and try some of the things you see as you're out doing your Christmas shopping. Happy crafting!

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