Friday, October 7, 2016

Fall Table Display

I thought I'd mix it up a little this year with my fall table display. Instead of the traditional fall colors, I'm going with Black, White and Silver in my dining room.
Follow along and you'll see how I came about this unique and easy arrangement.
 I love Target and I love a deal, that's why I shop the inside aisles.
My eyes perk up when I see the red and white clearance stickers!
The wheels of creativity start brewing and
I've got my next DIY home decor project in the works.
 I picked up a couple of this large candle holders.
 I wasn't crazy about the color, but I could stand it for the price because spray paint is my friend!
 I also grabbed a couple clearance pillar candles.
I pulled out my favorite spray paint, and you guessed it...
I transformed them! Much better!
Next up, A C O R N S.
I had asked a friend if she had any acorns in her yard.
She sent me this picture of her deck and swept some up for me.
 Before I did anything with the acorns, I brushed each of them lightly with a paper towel
and then baked them at a low temperature for a couple hours.
Just to ensure they were nice and dried out (we don't need any critters crawling out!)
Some of the tops had separated from the acorns, so with a little hot glue we were as good as new!
Onto the fun stuff!
Using the same silver spray paint,
I laid my acorns in a shoe box and did a couple coats of paint,
rotating every 20 minutes or so.
I threw down this great black and white buffalo check runner I made.
Really it's just a piece of fabric from IKEA and I ironed down the edges
with no-sew tape (or stitch witchery).
I added a couple white ceramic pumpkins that I already had,
my new silver acorns to the ensemble and my great new pillar candles holders.
How great and simple are these classy silver acorns?! I just love them!
Happy Fall Y'all!

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