Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pallet Shelves

So Ana at Knock-Off Wood makes carpentry look so easy. 
I decided to try my next project out of free wood. Pallet wood as a matter of fact.
Sometimes I get SO excited about trying new things, I can't wait to get started.
So here I am just back from the pool cutting up the pallets.
I made this shelf out of totally FREE wood! As a matter of fact, I might have pulled the pallet out of a dumpster in order to make this shelf. I love the unfinished Rustic Look. 

They also look really cute painted.
Which is what I did for my kids and hung them above their bunk-beds in the cottage.
Each of them have a different color.
Yes. I have three children. But only two beds were made. So that's all you get to see.


  1. LOVE them!! I'm so glad you updated the blog with all of your creative stuff!

  2. Great job! I think I need to put a few orders in before the rest of the world finds out about all your talents!


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