Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cottage Hallway & Back Porch

It's been a quick tour, only 650 square feet in our tiny little cottage. 
 Last but the not least, the back hallway and porch. 
We just did a couple things in the hallway-first we painted it all white.
Added the B E A C H hooks purchased from Hobby Lobby and a couple other accessories:
 Sunset silhouettes:
 The top is my daughter Sidney with her best friend. 
The bottom picture is of my siblings & cousins when we were younger.
 I made this nautical beach mirror, experimenting with a stencil made from my Silhouette and some leftover paneling from a project at home. Tutorial in my next blog post.
Head through the back door and onto the porch.
 I found this rug at IKEA and painted on some fish.
We had an outdoor shower built last summer. A great way to keep most of the sand out of the house!
We've got several hooks for bathing suits and towels.
I found this sign with the hooks and it said something like "Let's go fishing." 
I decided to sand it down, paint it and add my own beach phrase
It's perfect for the Beach Brush (made by my daughter & niece) 
and wooden fish on a rope (something I crafted up from some leftover wood).


  1. Life is DEFINITELY better at the beach! My parents have a beach condo and we always say--A bad day at the beach is better than anything else. There's never a bad day at the beach, even if the weather keeps us inside! Love your place and all the upgrades!

  2. I love your little hideaway. You've fixed it up so cute! My husband's family has a great cottage right on Lake Huron and if I could only get my hands on that place to do whatever I wanted...

  3. Gorgeous! Love the silhouette pictures...

  4. Hi, I'm bj from Sweet Nothings..not sure how I got here but sure glad I did.
    I have just spent the last 20 minutes admiring your adorable cottage by the beach. You have done WONDERS and your photos belong in a cute magazine.
    I think everyone should have a blessing such as this. Love it.
    O, and hope you will come over to see me..I've got a sweet giveaway going that you might like.
    I just became your 51st follower. :))
    xo bj

  5. Thank you for visiting me! Oh my gosh, I love your little cottage! I'm more partial to smaller houses. I love your fish door mat and outside shower, so cool! I would love to have you join my link party. Mary :O)


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