Friday, August 12, 2011

The Bunk Room

It has always been a dream of mine to have a cottage of our own. God is so good...and sometimes dreams do come true! With three kids and two adults we had to figure out a way to sleep all of us in this tiny 2-bedroom place. 
We found a great set of inexpensive bunk beds from IKEA that just fit into the space. 
Here are my Swedish carpenters putting one of the bunks together.
So not only can we have all three kids in there, 
we have an extra bed for the occassional sleep-over guest!
I was inspired by some linens I found at Target last spring.
The throw pillows were seasonal napkins and the duvet covers I made from sheets.

I know... you need to see the BEFORE:
This room was used as the "master" because it was the bigger of the two rooms. 
The only choice for housing two bunk beds.  
 I have to admit that I took this picture last summer after I had made the beds up so nicely.
It never looks like this...Oh well.
The only other additions are the pallet shelves that hang over each bed and the scrap wood sign.
For the summer, I only allow the kids to bring whatever can fit in the shelf.
What more do they need besides a book and a swim suit!

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