Friday, May 15, 2015

Vintage Inspired Fabric Banner

It's that time of the year to celebrate. 
And what better way to do that then with a cute Vintage Inspired Fabric Banner. 
 It's really easy to do and I'm going to show you how!
I found these great fabrics at Hobby Lobby. I bought 1/4 of a yard of each.
 I used a heavy piece of cardstock to create a template.
Using a ruler I measured out how large I wanted each pennant on the banner to be.
It's roughly 4" wide and 6.5" wide (when folded).
 It's helpful to have this pattern-I'm sure I will use it again!
For the template a heavy cardstock is a good idea, but not necessary.
After folding the fabric I layed the template down...
I traced around my template with this "special" disappearing ink marker (sold at fabric stores) 
although a pencil will work fine too...
After a couple minutes my purple line will disappear!
 I cut out each of my pennants. 
I was able to get 4 (folded) pennants out of each piece of fabric.
With a hot iron, I pressed each pennant to get it nice and smooth and ready for sewing.
I already had this vintage looking yellow and white bakers twine, 
but just about anything would look good (rick-rack, yarn, thin rope, gross-grain ribbon...)
I layed part of the twine under the folded part of my pennant...
And then sewed over the twine and very close to the edges, all the way around the pennant.
However, I did not think it's necessary to sew along the top. I measured 2" in between each pennant and continued to sew them all on the same piece of twine until I had used all my fabric pieces.
You can see that the edges are a little frayed. And I like them that way. 
It adds to the charm and character-the vintage look I was going for.
I love the way it turned out!
And I think it will be great for lots of occassions!
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