Thursday, April 30, 2015

Giving Gifts

I'm a gift giver. It's one of my "Love Languages." 
And I love putting together something fun and creative!
How about something fun like this for Mother's Day or
to say Thanks to a Teacher or
maybe something for your neighbor!
I found all items at Target and obviously my theme color was YELLOW!
A $3.00 bucket from the One Spot
I just walked around looking for a variety of things with my theme color of sunshine.
I printed out "You are my Sunshine" and attached it to a card and then added it to my basket.
For my Mom's birthday I went with the ORANGE theme.
And I made cute little tags that started out "Orange you glad..."
Her birthday is close to summer and every year I have trouble coming up with some good...
Until this year!
It was fun to walk around Target, you know my favorite place...
and find different things I thought my mom would like, all in ORANGE!
I added orange tissue paper to the mailing box and sent it off. She LOVED it!

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