Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easy DIY Washer Necklace & Earrings

I saw this cute washer necklace on Pinterest and I had to take a stab at making one myself.
For the details, head over to Wobisobi, with the DIY on how to for the "Acer."
 I started out with these supplies.
 Chain, bead, two sizes of jump rings, two sizes of washers, head pin, pliers and a clasp.
 My photog was not home, so I restored to one of those pictures in the mirror. 
The earrings are super light weight and go with everything!
And then I grabbed some beads I had and created this!
And some earrings to match!
Super fun. Super Easy! After you make the Acer you can make anything. 
I wore this out to brunch and running errands the other day (jazzy I know!) 
and I got some many compliments!


  1. Super cool! Love the look of the washers and the rings and then the pop of color with the beads. Glad to know the earring are light too! TFS!

  2. Who knew...they both look so pretty! I love the one with all the bright colors.


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