Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 minute DIY Vest!

Seriously. 5 minutes on this totally cute and easy vest made from a men's t-shirt.
I was inspired by the super creative Anne over at Wobisobi and her 5-minute draped vest
Here's how I did it (and you can too).
I picked up an XL men's black t-shirt and grabbed my sewing scissors.
I cut the sleeves off and cut off the side seams.
 I folded the shirt in half in order to cut evenly around the neck.
 Cut out the neck (I went back again after I took this picture and cut even more off).
When you lay it flat this is what it looks like.
Your arms go through the hole with the shoulder seam at your neck and the other seam at your back.
Here's how it looks from the back 
(I can't believe I'm posting a picture of my backside. 
Good thing it's a little blurry and cropped!)
So simple!
Immediately after I put my new vest on I received this text from Sidney.
And 5-minutes later she had her very own vest!

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