Thursday, September 6, 2012


It's been quite a summer! We had a great time with family and friends at our cottage. 
And we finally made it to Charlotte and are now getting settled.

This summer was an unusual one, to say the least... 
and I did not do nearly enough crafting & creating!
 Here's a summary of our life from the past few months 
(most of these pictures are off my phone and edited for Instagram!):
A couple weeks before we moved we had a great get together with our friends.
We had a great time at the party and will cherish our friendships with each of these sweet families!
Only one week after school finished for the summer, our packers and movers arrived.
Tyler had a great time helping out! He thinks he's found his new profession!

 We filled this whole truck! And now were unpacking at the other end (ugh!) and purging lots! 
All packed up and ready to go... 
But not without one last stop to say goodbye to our beloved neighborhood friends.

 We were pretty excited when we finally reached our destination (for the summer at least).
One of my first projects was to give the inside of the cottage a little bit more RED flair. 
So I painted the door!
 On July 3rd I decided to create this American Bunting for the next days festivities!
Me with Author/Speaker/Lake Michigan Lover, Shauna Neiquist
In July I headed to Charlotte to meet up with Ben and hunt for a house. 
We bought none of these houses...
Most of our summer revolved around good times with great friends!
And equally as good of a time with our family!
Sidney went nuts with her camera this summer... 
and captured our family like you've never seen them before!
Lots of memory making for the five of us.
 The last week of summer we had one last hurrah with our besties at the County Fair.
 Maxed out and ready to head south!
Spirits were high for the first leg of our trip.

 With a quick trip back in Cincy before heading "home!"
 Movies, napping, lots of candy eating and very little reading then finally...
 We arrived! We had planned to stop on the side of the road and get a picture at the state sign,
 but this was on the edge of steep mountains (no very safe for stopping!)
Luckily the vistors center was only a couple miles ahead 
where we were able to stretch our legs and get this great picture!
Here's where we've landed! And guess what?! 
I'm very close to Hobby Lobby, several Targets and lots and lots of great shopping!
The wheels in my mind are already churning-stay tuned... I've already got several projects in the works!


  1. Hey, I LOVE that you spent the summer in MI!! That's where I'm from. We spend two weeks every summer on Lake MI (one in South Haven and one in the Harbor Springs, Petoskey area). It used to be Traverse City. Good luck settling into your new home. Maybe next summer, we can have a blogging get together on Lake Michigan ;).

  2. The internet world is so small, I found you through a pin on pinterest. Just started reading your blog and saw a picture of you with one of my college classmates, Shauna Niequist!! She is amazing! Love your blog.

  3. I found you through The Storywood. I love Charlotte!!! We would love to live there at some point. We are from SC, but moved to the midwest for a couple of years. Your moving pictures crack me up...I so remember the feeling! :)


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