Friday, September 21, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

Fall Wreath made from Natural Coffee Filters!
I was so excited to finally get back to crafting after unpacking all my gear.
And to top it off, my dear friend Kelly came for the weekend and we got craft together!
The key to this wreath are the "natural" coffee filters (Wal-mart). 
For this size wreath we used about 100.
I bought mini pumpkins, acorns, pine cones and some "faux" sprigs to embellish the wreath.  
All my supplies were purcahsed at Dollar Tree and Walmart. 
I forgot to take a picture of the foam wreath before we started. 
So for those of you who are visual like me, here it is! 
It measures 11" and I bought it at Dollar Tree.
Basically we hot glued the coffee filters all the way around the front of the wreath 
(It helped to use the end of a pencil to wrap the filter around and place into the foam. 
You don't have to poke it in though-the hot glue adheres nicely to it.
 We each added our own variety of fall flavor. 
Kelly used the pumpkins and gourds 
and I grabbed some extra supplies I had lying around, such as the pears and feathers. 
You probably could find some pretty fun and interesting things lying around your yard!
We just hot glued them right to the filters.
The wreath probably will do best on door that's covered by a porch or even somewhere inside! 
Happy Fall!


  1. What a cute wreath! I didn't know this color of coffee filter existed. This makes me want to make one for my own door!

  2. LOVE IT! This is gorgeous Chessa! I've seen these around and just haven't had the nerve to try it. How long did it take to do?? So glad to see you back creating my friend! TFS!

  3. This is stunning! I can't believe it's made of coffee filters! Looks beautiful on the front door too!

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