Monday, August 17, 2015

Stamped Tea Towels

I'm in love with these vintage looking stamped tea towels. 
I might just make them for all my friends and family!
I had bought a pack of these simple IKEA dish towels a long time ago 
with good intentions to do something fun.
While browsing through Pinterest, which I do often
I found something that inspired me to finally get to work with these towels.
I grabbed these supplies; foam brush, fabric paint, foam stamps and cardboard (empty cereal box).
 I love this new fabric paint I found at Hobby Lobby.
I chose the Navy Marine color.
I laid out my stamps in my desired position on my tea towel...
I added paint to the foam letter stamp...
With the cardboard behind my towel I stamped all the letters on in place.
I just love the outcome and it really took me very little time to complete all four towels.
The possiblities are endless in terms of the themes and words you use. 
Think of holidays, family names, favorite dishes etc.

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