Friday, June 19, 2015

Patriotic Painted Ball Jars

Do you need something to sprice up your table for the 4th of July? 
These Patriotic Painted Ball Jars are the perfect thing!
I started out with three Ball Jars and painted one blue and two white. Two coats each.
I taped off sections, to create stripes and painted two more coats of red on the white jars 
and random white stars on the blue jars. 
After about 24 hours when the paint was good and dry, I sanded the jars lightly to remove some of the paint and reveal that classic Ball Jar. I love this vintage feel!
To seal the jars and prevent the paint from chipping off, 
I sprayed a light coat of this Rust-Oleum clear laquer.
I love how versitale these jars can here I played the up with some  
festive Amercian things I already own.
This would be a great project for kids to help you with too!
And something you will enjoy for years to come.
You don't have to wait for the 4th to pull them out, the red and white stripe is cute just on it's own!
Think Memorial Day, Labor Day or what about opening ceremonies for the Olympics!
Happy Birthday America!

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