Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stacked Wood Frames with Burlap Bow

A couple of things you might already know about me.
 I love painting wood. 
I love burlap. 
And I love photography. 
I combined my love of these three things and came up with this:
A stacked wood picture frame with a large burlap bow!
I gathered the following supplies. 
Two frames, a foam paint brush, paint, wood glue and burlap ribbon (all from Hobby Lobby).
The frames were fairly cheap, and even better when I got them on sale 40% off!
After I painted both frames and lightly distressed them around the edges.
 I added wood glue to the small frame and glued it to the larger frame.
I just love this great big loose burlap ribbon. 
It's so easy to make a nice big bow and hot glue it to the top of my new stacked wood frame.
 I think I might make a dozen of these for various locations around my house. 
And maybe a few for some friends!
Wood frames do not include glass. 
However you can find a piece of glass from another frame (Dollar Store) or have one cut.

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