Friday, April 12, 2013

Mustache Birthday Party

Katelyn has fallen in love with the latest Mustache Craze. 
So we decided to have her 9th birthday party around that theme.
I sewed this little mustache onto a t-shirt from Old Navy. 
I made myself a t-shirt too! Using the freezer paper technique. Check out the DIY here
Here's a little taste of the party, my Instagram collage. 
I found these adorable tin buckets at Target way back in the fall. 
The pink fuzzy mustaches were with the Valentine's party favors.
We made chocolate mustache suckers and tied them up with ribbon from Hobby Lobby. 
We filled the tin buckets with the chocolate suckers, hand sanitizer, tiny mustache earrings 
(found on Amazon for $1.30!) and a couple a mustache stickers.
I cut out black card stock mustaches with my Silhouette and then punched a hole in the middle and stuck the straw through. For the DIY on the bottle, check out my post here.
I had fun collecting black, white and pink accessories from around the house to decorate the mantle. 
The Subway Art is by Eighteen25, you can find it here (free printable!)
 I had so much fun making this banner with scrapbook paper, 
my silhouette and black & white bakers twine.
The possibilities for a banner like this are just endless!
Our craft was to create purses out of Duct Tape (another new favorite of Katelyn's!) 
It was nice to have my almost-13-year-old and her friend helping with the litte-r girls.
Here is one of the completed Duct Tape purses. 
I'll post the DIY next week (so you have to come back!)
And the Birthday girl and her new purse (and finger Mustache!)
This cake was so fun and so easy! Here's what I did:
1) Bake one cake in a round pan 
(one box actually made two round cakes, so I had two mustache cakes!)
2) Cut the cake like the above picture (I kept thinking about a ying and yang symbol)
3) Frost! And you don't want it to be smooth... I've never seen a smooth mustache.
I have a little trick I use when frosting. 
First I put a little frosting on the plate so the cake doesn't want to slide around. 
I also keep a glass of hot water for dipping my knife into.
Happy 9th Birthday to my Sweet Katelyn!
We all got in on the Mustache action. Ben cracks me up!


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