Friday, April 19, 2013

Duct Tape Purse

Don't you just love all the fun patterns and colorful colors of Duct Tape you can get these days? 
My youngest has been crazy about creating with Duct Tape. 
So we thought it was very fitting to make Duct Tape purses at her birthday party.
I made this sample purse for Katelyn's birthday party and I'll show you how I did it!
I'd been stocking up on fun and colorful Duct tape... 
So I grabbed a couple that I thought coordinated well together.
And a piece of fabric cut that I cut 13 x 8. 
You can choose to cut your fabric any size depending 
on how large or small you want your final product to be.
Flip the fabric over so the wrong side is up and starting lining strips of Duct tape from top to bottom onto the fabric, alternating in different patterned tape (or 3 or 4 patterns).
This will become the outside of your purse.
Fold your fabric/duct tape piece in half and attach a strip of tape on both sides.
Use the picture above as your guide. You will need to trim a little of the tape off on the top and bottom.
Here's another look of the side of the purse with the tape attached and trimmed.

The next part may sound a little tricky, but it's not
Hang with me here... 
Take your bottom corner and tuck it in gently so 
it's on the inside of the purse and helps to create a base.
This picture may be a little hard to see... 
but way down at the bottom you can see that the corner of the purse has come through.
You'll want to add a strip of tape along the inside seams. Adhering it to the fabric.
I cut a strip of tape in half, but you could use a whole piece.
Next I added a piece of tape all along the top edge of the purse, all the way around. 
It's starting to come together!
For the strap I took a super long piece of Duct tape and folded it in thirds. 
I measured this based on how low I wanted the purse to hang down. 
Be patient and remember this tape is very sticky!
I adhered the strap on the inside of the purse with another small piece of the Duct tape.
I made the strap long enough so the purse could be hung across your chest.
There you have it! 
An adorable hand made Duct tape purse!
It would be very easy to add a pocket to the inside as well. 
Here are some more examples of the girls came up with at the Katelyn's Birthday party.
I'd love to see your Duct tape creations!

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