Friday, January 11, 2013

Square Bean Bag Chair

Check out my DIY Square Bean Bag Chair!
It's the perfect addition to my little girls room.
We needed a little reading nook for Katelyn's room and
 I looked all over for something. I couldn't find anything I loved,
so I decided to create something myself!
Here's how I did it:
I started with four cotton fabrics.
White Duck
2 long zippers (about 25" long)
2 1/2 bags of Bean Bag Filler (found them here at Wal-mart).
First I made a plain square out of white duck for the inside layer. I wanted it to be thick and durable. 
I made the square like this (I sketched it out for you!)
The square measuring roughly 30 x 15 for the four sides 
and 30 x 30 for the top and bottom. 
I sewed all the pieces together (making a big square).
Adding the zipper to one of the sides. 
When I was all done I had two squares, one in the duck the other in my printed fabrics.
Wait until you are completely done to add the bean bag filler (I made this mistake and it was really hard to get the cover over the inside square that was full of the little beans!)
It also doubles as a dog bed! I find Ginger taking naps here.
I used some of the left over fabric and re-created the bunting 
on this canopy Katelyn grabbed at a yard sale.
Lot's of reading to be done here.

And a little snuggling with the pooch.


  1. how CUTE!! Selah would love this for her room....maybe it will encourage her to read more :)

  2. Really cute! You make it all look so simple! Love the matching bunting and pom pom trim pillow! TFS!

  3. Very nice I love your ideas - simple and back to basics . Great ideas.You make it all look so simple!Bean Bag Chairs

  4. Love the fabric you used - especially the polka dots. You clever socks - your daughter must love this!

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    I like your guide. Can I translate it to Slovakia and share on mi web page? Thank,

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

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