Friday, January 18, 2013

Paint Stick Mirror

I'm super excited about my Did-it-Myself Paint Stick Mirror!
It's so easy and I know you're going to want to make one too!
First of all you're going to need to collect about 40 paint sticks.
(I did not get them all at the same time! 
But I think most places are willing to give you a hand-full with a purchase.)
 With my mirror upside down I penciled off the mirror into pie shaped sections 
to help me arrange the paint sticks a little more "orderly." 
 I used Gorilla glue to adhere the paint sticks to the back of the mirror. As you can see I stained the sticks almost all the way to the top. 
No need to do the whole thing when you won't see all of it anyway.
 (and it makes it eaiser to stain when you can hold part of the stick!)
I marked off each stick 3" from the end. I wanted to make sure I positioned them all equally.
After applying a little dap of the Gorilla Glue (not too much, it expands!) 
I put some weight on the ends of my sticks to keep everything in place.
 I also glued a picture hanger right to the back of the mirror.
 It's so light weight!
So simple!
And so very affordable. My mirror was $5.99 and I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby. 
Paint sticks were FREE. I had the stain and Gorilla Glue. Can't beat it!


  1. Gorgeous and looks so easy! I'm gonna give this a try this weekend. Thanks!

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