Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Moores!

Some may think the five of us just get together, someone shoots a couple pictures and boom-we've got the perfect Christmas card photo....uh, not so much.  We have alot of takes!

We got together with our good friends the Harden's for our Christmas Card pictures this year. 
(Actually we take each other's family pictures every time we're together!)
Give this girl the camera and you better believe she'll take pictures of herself (this is only one of many!)
 And then she takes a stab at some portraits (not bad!)
 And gets a little artsy!
This photo shoot is serious business. Standing on a chair to get the right angle!
The proof is in the picture!
We went through a lot of this.
And a little of this.
And hopefully end up with some of this!
My kids are getting pretty good at this (they look quite angelic!)
And this one's get quite a lot of attention on Facebook. 
It's nice to actually be in a couple pictures instead of behind the lens.
I love that they love to laugh with each other 
(although I probably had to prompt them with a word like poop!)
Well its not perfect but we sure do have fun getting there!

And we get to spend more time with these five!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Love this and love all of you! Merry Christmas from George and Sally

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