Thursday, October 11, 2012

Epson Salt Pumpkins

I love the look of sugar covered fruits around the holidays. 
I'm going to show you how to get the same classy look for very little money!
I started off with some of my favorite supplies (Mod Podge & a foam brush!) 
and some leftover pumpkins and gourds from my Coffee Filter Wreath
And my new favorite addition to my craft supplies; Epson Salt.
Both the pumpkins and Epson Salt can be purchased at Wal-mart.
I put about 1/2 a cup of the Epson Salt into a small bowl inside a big bowl 
(this helps contain the salt).
Using the foam brush, paint on the Mod Podge.
Making sure to cover with a nice thick coat.
And then pour salt all over the painted pumpkin.
Make sure to turn the pumpkin while you're pouring...
You want to make sure to cover the entire surface.
You can see the color still comes through with the salt layer on top. 
The color is dulled a little bit 
(which is good-cause the colors on these pumpkins were a little obnoxious!)
I love the way they look with the soft glow of a candle.
I can't wait to try these at Christmas time too. Maybe with some pears, pomegranates or how about plums (surely that's what makes them turn into sugar plums!)


  1. Loving this, especially the idea to do it at Christmas. Kind of give it that "snow crusted" look.

  2. Bardzo ładne dynie, idealna dekoracja jesienna i na Boże Narodzenie.
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam:))

  3. You make taste and delicious epson salt pumpkins. We can use a home decoration. I like your thinking. Moving is an expensive and exhausting experience. The Long Distance Moving Service in Atlanta GA can be even more challenging, as it requires more time to pack, store, and unpack belongings.


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