Friday, October 28, 2011

Refinished Coffee Table

Like the title says, "can't sit still" 
So I set out to refinish my family room coffee table.
Here is a little glimpse of the table before. I was never crazy about the color.
And there were some areas that were pretty worn out.
With one trip to Home Depot I gathered supplies:
After two coats of the Citristrip, LOTS of scraping and sanding,
my table's true colors were revealed.
 I know you're wishing I took more pictures of the next couple steps, 
but frankly I'm too antsi to stop and get my camera out,
 I just want to get to the good stuff. 
But even before that, I applied a pre-stain wood conditioner for even stain coverage.
I used a mixture of 2 parts English Chestnut to 1 part Ebony and mixed it in an empty paint can.
Applied to coats of my newly mixed stain with a foam brush
and used fine grade steel wool in between two coats of satin polyurethane.
I love the new color!
The satin finish is the perfect amount of sheen.
Ginger really wanted to be a part of taking-pictures-of-the-new-table.
I'm really happy with the results after a lot of blood, sweat a tears 
(okay, no blood, some sweat and I almost cried when I realized what I had gotten myself into!)
 But my hard work paid off.


  1. This looks sooo great! You did a wonderful job refinishing it.


  2. I certainly think your hard work pad off too! Love the deep rich color of your stain. It looks wonderful! TFS!

  3. beautiful!! My dining room table needs to be done!