Thursday, October 13, 2011

Felt Bows

On a recent trip to Marshalls, I found these shoes:
 Their cute. But I think I made them cute-rr!
 Here's what I did. I started out with some felt (a blend of wool and polyester) 
I cut two pieces (for the back) 3 1/2 long & 1" wide 
and two pieces (for the bow) 4" long & 1" wide
 I took the ends of the small bow piece and brought them together to the middle 
and put a dab of hot glue in the middle to secure it.
 It turns out looking like this.
I took the other long piece and folded it in half and cut it to look like this.
 And then glued it to the back of the bow and pinched the middle of the whole thing.
 I cut another longer-thinner piece (no specific measurement on this one, just something to go down the middle). Put a little dab of glue on the front (not too much-you don't want it oozy out the sides!)
Then I folded some two pieces over one another and cutting off the excess.
I made a slightly larger one and attached it to a clip for Katelyn's hair.
 So I made two colors of these adorable bows... I'm having a hard time deciding. Maybe I'll add a little velcro and I can switch them out. Don't you think RED would be cute too?!
Wanna know how to make this cutie?
 I started out with two pieces of felt 2" by 4".
 Fold it in half and then round the corners.
 Cut another small piece about 1" by 2".
 Pinch the middle. Add a little glue to secure it.
 Cover the middle pinch with the 1 x 2.
 Fold the pieces on top of each other with a little glue in between each piece.
For this bow I added a little bobby pin on the back.
 She likes it!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow - what an easy transformation! Your newest gfc follower, Karima

  2. Love it! I have a pair of leopard print shoes and they add so much to a casual outfit. I also lost the flower off one of my black flats; your bows might be the solution!

    Would you consider linking up to the Refresh your Nest party over on my blog?

  3. Oh, I think most colors would work...and yes, I think red would be a real winner too!

    (Cute models too--I'm a sucker for a cute kid)

    Visiting from Making Lemonade: Refresh Your Nest Fri Linky party today,
    ~Smiles, Suzanne from NW Illinois

  4. Very cute Chessa!! Great idea to do the velcro so you can change the bows to whatever you want! Super cute models too! TFS!

  5. Love you bows! They look adorable on your shoes and in your daughter's hair! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your comments!

  6. Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday over on my blog! I tweeted out this link, those bows are adorable.


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