Friday, February 4, 2011

Twin Two Year Olds

I get to hang out with two sweeties every week.

I've been watching them since they were wee-lil' ones and I have fond memories of trying to feed them both a bottle, at the same time! I am an experienced mother of three, but twins take the cake! It's been so fun to see them grow and change and say my name and follow me around the house (I didn't think that was so cute when my kids did that to me!)
This week they turned 2!
So of course I had to craft up something special just for them.
I was inspired by a shirt I saw at Target. 
Just simple tulle sewed along the bottom of the shirt. 
Little cupcake applique with the #2. Too cute!
Sidney and I decided it would be fun to have our own mini photo shoot.
 It was quite the challenge to get them together 
and then to get them to both look my way at the same time.
We had better luck with the individual photo's.
And then I tried to get them to hold up two fingers...

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