Friday, February 11, 2011

Last minute Valentines

The most creative things happen after hours, right?! 
I made the girls t-shirt for their Valentine Parties at school... 
and I started on them at 10:00pm the night before.
The t-shirts were pretty simple. 
  • cut strips of 1" of fabric
  • sew a couple lengths together for a full heart
  • gather the fabric strips by stitching along the center of the fabric 
  • pull the gathers evenly together
  • pin on the shirt in your desired pattern (in this case a heart)
  • stitch over the gathers all the way around the design
For this shirt I just did a small heart with just one length of the fabric 

After I finished the t-shirts I realized I had to have a couple little treats for the bus driver, art teacher, etc...
so I wrapped valentine scrapbook around a Hershery bar:
 And around a raspberry Ghirardelli's added some ribbon and a valentine greeting.
The first grade class made these cute little mice as their craft at their valentine party today. 
I thought I'd share the idea with you:
The directions & tutorial can be found at Fly Through Our Window


  1. cute shirts-love the ruffles-great idea! i just posted a shirt that i thought of yesterday-also wishing i had thought of it earlier :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Great ideas! Wow, you're quick on the fly! Thanks for linking up!


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