Saturday, October 9, 2010

Candy Corn

Everyone loves Candy Corn at this time of the year.

So when I buy it, I have to hide it. But I like to decorate with it and put it in a cute jar or vase and tie a festive ribbon around it. 

And then the Candy Corn starts to disappear. 

Oh well... I found a way to make Candy Corn last forever...

I crafted up these adorable Candy Corn earrings & necklace for my girls.

They really take no time to make. And it's a good excuse to get the drill out again (yes, you need a drill for this project!)  I can't take the credit for the idea, I frequently visit Eighteen25 and saw the idea. For all the detailed directions, go here.


  1. cute!! I have to hide it at might house, too....the worst is when I do a dish with candy corn and peanuts, but after a day or so, I end up with nothing but peanuts :(

  2. Hey! You've been nominated for a Lovely Blog Award!

  3. Great ideas! i love it, thanks for sharing


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