Thursday, March 21, 2013

Simples Moss covered Balls

Spring is here (at least it is in my neck of the woods!) 
I needed a couple additions to my spring mantle. 
And I just love moss and moss covered balls. 
What I didn't like was the price!
So of course I decided to make my own!
I started out with these supplies:
  • wiffle balls (found this pack at Target)
  • glue gun and lots of extra glue sticks
  • a sheet of moss (found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • green thread to match the moss
 I cut a huge square out from the moss sheet, about 1/4 of it.
 I started putting hot glue on a small part of the plastic wiffle ball and wrapped the moss around it. 
I continued adding glue and wrapping the moss around the ball until I had covered the whole thing. 
It's a good idea to keep a scissors handy, 
you will need to cut off some of the moss as you wrap it around the ball.
 You may end up with some "holes" but that it easy to fix. By using some scraps, 
I added hot glue where the ball can be seen or where you can see a seam. 
It's easy to press the moss into each other making it naturally mold together.
 When I was finished covering the whole ball with the moss, 
I wrapped some green thread around the whole thing. 
Tucking the beginning part of the thread and the end of the thread under a small piece of scrap moss.
 My new simple moss covered balls are a great addition to the tin containers on my mantle.
All three of these moss balls took me less than 30 minutes, total.
 I created this Easter Subway art a couple years ago,
there are a couple different colors to choose from and I'd love to share it with you...
Head on over to my post here to download my Easter Subway art.


  1. How lovely! We made something similar for decoration at my wedding. Very lovely!

  2. These turned out great. I love moss balls and this is a great tutorial!

    Missy Inspired

  3. Love all of your stuff! Quick question...I recently decided to attempt a wooden sign similar to you "You Are My Sunshine" and love the fonts you used. Would you be willing to share the names of the fonts you used?? You can email me at
    Thanks bunches!


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