Friday, November 30, 2012

Homemade Hot Chocolate Bar

Come inside and out of the cold...

and enjoy my Hot Chocolate Bar!
Grab a mug (I found these at Wal-mart, aren't they adorable?!)Add your hot cocoa mix...
Fill your mug with some yummy marshmallows.We have a variety to choose from!Add a peppermint stick or some caramels.
To make your own creamy hot cocoa mix you'll need powdered hot chocolate mix, 
powdered creamer and powdered sugar and 1/4 measuring cup (for scooping out your mix into mugs). 
Add equal parts of each of the three ingredients (I think I was able to get 5 cups of each into my jar). Mix it all up and then add 1/4 cup measuring scoop.
 When adding the powered mix to a mug make sure you use a heaping 1/4 cup!
Before I had taken all my pictures for the post my son says to me 
"Mom is that Hot Chocolate Bar just for looks or can we actually have some hot chocolate?" 
Too cute! He knows me well!
Enjoy the warmth of the season!

Thanks for stopping by!

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