Monday, November 21, 2011


Your family's probably a lot like mine. 
For years we've gone around the table and everyone says what they are thankful for. 
A couple years ago I mixed it up a bit and had family members right down their "thanks" and I included a couple Bible verses on Thankfulness. 
So for this year, I made a special jar that incorporates this tradition.
I cut several strips of paper in various colors. 
Added a small binder clip and attached it to the ribbon to keep it the pieces of paper together.

Here's a little picture tutorial of how I did the etching:
Start with something glass with a clean and clear surface. 
For this plate, I'm going to etch on the back.
 I used this Armour Etch cream. I'm sure there are other out there.
I created a stencil with vinyl and my Silhouette. 
You could use contact paper and cut out your own design.
 Because I'm doing this on the back of the dish, I cut out my stencil backwards or as a mirror image.
 Apply a thick coat of the etching cream and follow the directions on the bottle 
(5 minutes in the case of Armour Etch). Wipe off with a wet paper towel.
Finished product!
My friend Kate and I etched all sorts of things last week:
What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

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  1. Glass etching is so much fun isn't it?? Your projects look great! Did you know you can use stamps too? TFS!


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