Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover

After only a short couple of days my laundry room has been transformed. And I love it!
Here's what I had to deal with before. 
I'd had enough of the ho-hum dumping grounds of a laundry room.  
 When entering the house through the garage, you had to go through this:
I got to work painting the walls
(I found almost a whole gallon of chocolate brown paint in my basement), reorganizing some of the things that needed to stay in the laundry room, and purging the rest.
I love having a utility tub, but it's really not that attractive...
 ...until now!
I had made this super-size message board after we first moved in, almost 5 year ago. 
So I cleaned it up a bit (took down about half of the junk I was storing up there!) 
And then added the rick-rack detail around the frame.
I also used my new Silhouette to print the vinyl letters 
"The Laundry Room. Loads & Loads of Fun."
I found this Giant "M" at TJ Maxx and had it displayed in various places in my house before it found it's home in here. 
I painted it white and then distressed the edges (everything is better distressed!) 
The verse in my frame is Deuteronomy 6:1-9. 
It's what I want to be reminded of when I'm in here.
 Some more cute-sy details. 
The little pot is holding the Tide stick and Grandma stain remover.
The clothes pins are for hanging important things on the message board.
I found these cute vintage prints from Better Homes & Gardens 
and the frames are from IKEA ($1.99!)
I had some cloth baskets already and found a couple more to help fill up the space.
 Everyone's gotta have one of these basket's in their laundry room:
The burlap skirt on the utility tub was pretty simple. 
I was inspired by Rhonda's at Blue Creek Home
Here's how you can make your own:
  • You'll need
  • Burlap
  • Burlap Webbing
  • Sticky-back Velcro
  • Accent Fabric (for the bottom of the skirt) Ribbon can be used too.
  • Glue Gun
  • Thread

  1. Measure the distance around the tub and double it. That is the amount of fabric, or burlap in this case, you'll need. 
  2. Measure the distance around the tub and that's how much burlap webbing you'll need. 
    • I used 4 yards of burlap and 144 inches of burlap webbing. 
    • Burlap and webbing can be found at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's.
  3. Measure the distance from the top of the tub to the floor and cut the burlap accordingly. Zig-zag stitch along all ends of the burlap to prevent fraying).
  4. Use a long running stitch to create a gather along the top of the burlap and sew to the burlap webbing.
  5. Cut sticky-back velcro according to sink size. Attach one side to the sink
  6. Sew contrasting fabric or ribbon to the bottom of the burlap skirt (mine is about 4" wide)
  7. Glue the webbing to the velcro (your needle on your machine will not like going through the sticky-sticky glue on the velcro. I learned the hard way!)
  8. Attach the skirt to the sink.
  9. Step back, take a look and give yourself a pat on the back
When the make-over was almost complete I decided I needed to make Ana White's Rustic Bench.  

You may be asking yourself some of the same questions my husband was asking me, "why do you need another thing in that tiny room!" I made it for a couple of reasons:
  • I needed to build something again!
  • I could put the laundry baskets on the bench for easy reach and out-of-reach of the dog (who likes to eat socks & underwear!)
  • I thought I needed another cute-sy detail for my new favorite room!
 Remember how I said everything is better distressed? 
So after painting a couple coats of black... I then sanded half of it off. 
 Thanks for stopping by. 
Now off to do some laundry!


  1. Oh my goodness, Chessa! You are amazing and I need you to spend a week at my house :)

  2. LOVE the transformation! I'm always interested in whether or not organizational systems work after they are put in. There are sooo many places in our house I want to add baskets and pretties for organization, but I wonder if they will just get over run, too. Is it staying lovely for you thus far?

  3. Great transformation! I love love love that black bench and the vinyl saying above it is so cute!

  4. What you did to your laundry sink is what I want to do to my bathroom sink but I have two bars sticking out on the sides and I am not sure how to cover them. Maybe I need to post for suggestions! Thanks for linking to Workshop Wedneday @ goobyecityhellosuburbs Hope to see you back again! Congrats on the guest post on CAA!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I love your laundry room redo! I need to get some baskets and bins for my shelves too :)


  6. Looks great, I'm so jealous you have a sink. Love your BHG prints-we must have the same taste :)


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