Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Katelyn's Desk & Chicken-Wire Board

My baby turned 7 last week. She has been begging for a desk. So naturally, I had to make her one.
I could not find any building plans for what I had envisioned. I did, however, find the desk I liked at Land of Nod, but I did not like the price. With Ben's help, we figured out all the right dimesions and I set off the buy the wood. I had planned to buy pre-made legs, but after discovering that I had to pay at least $12.00 per leg, I set out to find an old beat-up table or desk for the legs. We found this table for $10.00 at the amazing Habitat for Humanity re-sale store!

So that's less than $2.50 per leg (cause the table top is worth something, right?)
Legs look better on the desk, don't ya' think?!
I had to make a drawer. I won't even go into the details on how I improvised my way through that part. Our little girl loves the finished product, though. She's storing little note books and stickers inside.
The desk and little shelf are actually two separate pieces.
My hardware came from Hobby Lobby. 
I love their selection and wish I had more things that needed new knobs and pulls.
I found the chair at an antique store. And recovered the seat.
I like the distressed look, but there may be a little too much black showing for me.
What do you think?
Chair Before:
Chair After:
To complete the look I made a chicken-wire bulletin-board for over the desk. Here's my picture-tutorial on how I did it:
Make a frame. I used 1 x 3's.
Glue and then screw the two corners of the frame together with brackets.
Putty up the joints. Paint with your desired color.
Purchase 24" x 10" 20-gauge chicken wire.
Cut to size. Folding over any rough edges.
Staple to the edge of the chicken wire to the backside of your frame.
 Cover the rough edges with felt for a finished look and this will help to protect the wall as well.
Add your hanging hardware.
The finished Chicken-Wire board!
I also made little clothes pin clips. With these basic supplies. 
Painted and then added ribbon.
Here's a couple pictures of Katelyn's' first reactions to her new desk.
 So happy that she's so happy.


  1. Love it! You amaze me. :) trina

  2. How cute your Katelyn is!
    I can't believe you made the desk!!! Ingenious.

    I couldn't find your e-mail address so I will answer the question about my laundry sink here.
    My buttons are functional for easy access under the sink, but you could easily just raise the skirt, too. Good luck with your redo.

  3. Hi Chessa! I'm a new convert, sent here by our mutual friend Valerie M. I am so hooked on your site! I love seeing all your new creations and all your great ideas. You are such an inspiration! I've been doing wood crafts for the last few months and having a great time. You've given me many new ideas.

    Just wanted to let you know I was here and that I think your site is awesome! I spent over an hour here one day getting caught up. I'm totally stealing your ribbon & charm bookmark idea for my ladies' bible study group. So perfect!

    Christine, Aurora, IL

  4. Hey Chessa- My comments weren't posting the other day when the new desk made an appearance. It is absolutely perfect! You did a great job using the table legs and making the drawer! It's too funny about the chicken wire frame....we made one for my stamp room last week! Great minds think alike. I love the clips too. TFS!

  5. I LOVE these projects. The desk turned out amazingly fabulous! Love the tutorial on the chicken wire frame, too. I have some old pallets I'm using to do the same thing in my girls' room for bows, clips, and headbands. It looks awesome with your desk! Oh- and yes, I agree- perhaps a little too much black showing on the distressed chair.

  6. Where did you buy the chicken wire?


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